Well Kids Program is your ultimate paediatric patient management system that helps you assess, manage & track improvement children make under chiropractic care
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Transform lives with the help of Well Kids chiropractic patient management software
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Our Patient Management System Makes Practice Easy

Well Kids Program helps Chiropractors like you achieve exceptional results for kids every day. With paperwork, age-specific exams and chiropractic patient management software, working with kids has never been so easy!

Check out how Well Kids Program can help you successfully manage the paediatric side of your practice!
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Why Chiropractors & Parents Love Well Kids

As you read our Case Studies & Success Stories you will see what happened when your colleagues purchased the Program.

Some of the comments include; increased satisfaction, more valuable documentation, time saving, increased referrals, improved care planning and more!
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If you have questions about how Well Kids will work with your current system and procedures we'd love to hear from you.

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Transform Your Practice In 3 Steps

Well Kids Program is the premium program that gives you each and every step needed to run a strong family practice with a dedicated children's system of care.

Streamline & develop appropriate systems for kids in your practice easily.

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Streamline & Simplify

The Well Kids Program has an online platform that sends paperwork, records data, tracks progress & helps you keep families on track.

- Automated Paperwork & Systems
- Instant Access To Data
- Pre-Created Steps
- Save Time & Energy
- Streamline Your Practice

Plan, Manage & Report

Follow our easy step-by-step process to provide clear goal-orientated chiropractic care for children that gets results for long-term change.

- Age Specific Examinations
- Full Reporting Systems
- Goal Orientated Care Plans
- Online Management Tool
- Long-term Engagement In Care

Results & Retention

Watch your practice grow as you deliver exceptional care. Communicate, educate & support families better long-term.

- Improved Engagement
- Better Documented Success
- Parents Seeing All Improvements
- Increased Referrals
- More Kids Reaching Wellness Care

The Well Kids Program is the ultimate paediatric patient management system designed for chiropractors who

  • Want to provide excellent managed care for children
  • Strive for excellence in clinical care
  • Want simple reliable tested strategies developed by chiropractors
  • Want the most effective way to document evidence
  • Want to move to an online platform for care paediatric patient management
  • Are committed to Research and creating a global network
  • Are dedicated to paediatric & family care
Transform lives with the help of Well Kids chiropractic patient management software

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Build, Develop & Grow Your Dream Practice with the Well Kids Program

Do you have a passion for working with kids?
Do you wish you had the perfect exam, for all ages, the ultimate system, or simple, easy procedures to follow every time? Maybe you have been trying to develop your own system for years, but it's just never done?
Do you often think you'd love to be able to measure exactly how much change kids make under chiropractic care, rather than always guessing?
Even better, do you wish families could easily see the overall improvement their children make under care?

Transform lives with the help of Well Kids chiropractic patient management software
If you are someone who is ready to take their community by storm, engaging families further and changing lives for the better long-term through chiropractic care then the Well Kids Program is for you.

The Well Kids Program incorporates everything you need to run a busy practice filled with kids (and their families). It documents and measures each child's journey under care while making practice fun, exciting and engaging. Save time, remove stress and make practice a fun and enjoyable experience that gets results!
Bring life into your practice, and health into children's lives - Get started with Well Kids today.
Transform lives with the help of Well Kids chiropractic patient management software