Chiropractic care can be a totally new and unique concept for families. This Preliminary Function & Health Review For Kids is a tool that has been developed for you to use in practice.

This Preliminary Function & Health Review For Kids gives you the structure to help parents understand that taking care of the body by focusing on the spine and nervous system is essential for optimal health. It enables you to deliver a clear and time efficient quick screen assessment for children. Your communication will be clear and you will confidently know how to recommend a full initial consultation assessment where required.

This Tool Makes Your Assessments & Communication Easier

A streamlined approach to (the usually) complimentary ‘quick screen’ assessment. This assessment is crucial to developing a level of confidence and trust in you and chiropractic care for children. There are usually three scenarios that provide the opportunity to help parents experience what chiropractic has to offer for their child. This product gives the instructions on how best to manage this consultation.

The three scenarios that you will encounter and will want a step-by-step guide for preliminary assessments are;

  • When a parent who is currently under care would like you to check their child to see if chiropractic care is right for them, you offer a complimentary 15min visit
  • When a parent calls your practice and is not sure if chiropractic is what their child needs, you offer a free 15min consultation
  • When you are at an event, doing a talk or meeting with a kids group and have been asked to do preliminary assessments at the parents request (or previously arranged)

By following the detailed instructions enclosed you will;

  • Be able to provide accurate information about their child’s current health status
  • Not overcomplicate things and get straight to the important information quickly
  • You will be able help parents understand that imbalances are not good
  • Be able to help parents to notice changes that they had not seen before
  • Be able to help parents become more acutely aware of their child’s body & his/her need for ongoing support through chiropractic care

Preliminary Function and Health Review.pngEach review will take you less than 15 minutes to complete. You just simply follow our clear instructions on what tests are important and how to perform the age appropriate developmental tests. Our exam summary also explains why each test is important so you can relay that professionally to parents.

Have fun and experience the ease of quick scans through using this Preliminary Function & Health Review For Kids. This exam has been created using the flow, style and elements of the full Well Kids Exam, from the Well Kids Program.

NB: Please note this product is a ‘quick screen’ exam NOT a replacement for your full Initial Consultation exam. The full Initial Exam I use is available exclusively through Well Kids.