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The Lift Off Tummy Time Workshop Program

A wonderful way to grow your practice is by building a community of families through holistic programs where families feel listened to, understood and comfortable to share their concerns and queries.

This has worked successfully in my practice with the variety of workshops that we run. Our most popular being our constantly booked out Lift Off! – Tummy Time Workshop.

What makes this program such a success for our families and in turn for your practice?

  • The program includes everything you need to run a successful workshop, time and time again.
  • The workshop has a fun and easy to follow pace, so that even your first workshop is a success!
  • The workshop is inclusive and accommodates all babies (including the not so happy ones)!
  • Parents leave with strategies and fun activities to do at home.
  • More babies achieve the necessary tummy time for optimal developmental outcomes.
  • It regularly fills your practice with new families, often who may not have considered Chiropractic care.
  • All marketing is provided – we know that can often be the hardest part!




The Benefits for Parents

Parents are told that their baby needs to do tummy time, however, they are often left with many questions.

  • How often?
  • How long?
  • From and until what age?
  • My baby hates it. What do I do?
  • Is it really that important?

Introducing Lift Off Workshops into your practice, provides new parents with fun and easy activities to help them achieve tummy time at home.

The Program Includes




Everything you need to get started!

The Lift off! Tummy Time Program is a comprehensive ‘done for you’ program that has everything you need.

Its divided into 3 Downloadable Modules.

1. The Program

2. Marketing

3. Parent Handouts & Worksheets

Module One – The Program

This module is your ‘how to’ which includes:

  • A full Lesson Plan, breaking down each element and component of the workshop.
  • Guided script – with prompts, what to say, essential information and must know points.
  • All activities and how to teach them.
  • Facilitation tips.
  • Discussion and Talking Points.
  • Photographs of all activities.
  • A Quick Prompt Reference Guide (the mini Lesson Plan for easy referral during the workshop).

Module Two – Marketing

This module includes a comprehensive 6-week marketing strategy to help you fully book your workshops:

  • Marketing material including social media posts.
  • Recommend times and days to run the workshop.
  • 3 colour schemes to choose from to compliment your branding.
  • How to advertise your workshop for maximum impact.

Module Three – Parent Handouts & Worksheets

Designed with the busy parent in mind, we have developed the perfect handouts & worksheets for parents use practicing tummy time at home.


Support Babies To Thrive with Tummy Time!

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