7 Reasons Why Chiropractors Need To Embrace Technology

BY Dr Jacey Pryjma /
Wednesday, 23 November 2016

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There are lots of reasons why a management system would be an attractive addition to a chiropractic practice but here are seven reasons for you to digest. With many practices having a large client base, software designed to manage client’s makes practical sense.

  1. Long term care strategy for families

Regardless of your Chiropractic visit cycle, whether you visit your Chiropractor weekly, monthly or quarterly, a patient management system keeps everything on track.


Many ailments can’t be cured in one session, so implementing a patient’s long term care strategy with capable software is intelligent.


  1. Setting succinct health goals

Accurate tracking of health goals will keep both the Chiropractor and patient focused on goal oriented outcomes.


  1. Improve practice team dynamics

Chiropractors will be uniform in process with their handling of patient care strategies.


In practices that have more than one Chiropractor a patient management system will ensure thoroughness and consistency.


  1. Education and circulation of nutritional information

Nutrition is vital to the holistic health goal set by the patient and Chiropractor.


Practical solutions can be discussed one-on-one to include in weekly family diet requirements.


  1. Improve confidence levels

Patient and Chiropractor both can expect improved levels of confidence that a management system can foster.


Chiropractors can be more confident that patient’s care is measured, managed and communicated uniformly.


Patients and parents will be more confident that their care is managed in a uniform method with consistent communication.


  1. Foster parental involvement in the health and wellbeing management of their children


Parents being involved in the health care of their children is critical to overall success of the health goals that are set.


  1. Improved process and profitability

 Streamlining the process with which patient care is undertaken is certain to improve patient results and business results.


Practice management systems are not new to the health care industry or specifically the Chiropractic sector. On the most part though, even software and management systems that are purposed designed for Chiropractic don’t seem to be patient health centric.

What I mean by this, is there is lots of software available that keep Electronic Health Records, billing, rapid documentation, compliance and efficiency advantages but they are tailored towards being Doctor centric. There was this gap in the software offerings that could facilitate including the parents in collaborating with the Chiropractor to ensure there was improved implementation and overarching approach to managing holistic healthcare and wellbeing in Australian families.

A holistic approach to health and wellbeing is an observation I have made about how family Chiropractors approach the care they offer their patients. Regular exercise, education in nutrition and health measurement in key metrics to ensure patients are improving their lifestyle.

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