Breastfeeding Expert, Mindfulness Expert & Expert of Gaming Impacts on Growing Minds... you're coming right?


Connecting with incredible people helps expand your mind. It allows you to get outside of your inner thoughts, fears and plans to see the bigger picture. To open your consciousness to new possibilities and expand the borders of your capacity further. 

Growing in practice and as a practitioner requires that continued tapping in to new uncharted lands. We need to get outside of our own chiropractic world, to see the possibilities that await that can support our beautiful families. As Chiropractors we bring such a unique skill set and an unprecendent opportunity to really be the warriors of health for children. No other health professional has the capacity to impact neurology, has the opportunity for a frequency of care to build strong relationships and a holistic approach to health. 


As a Chiropractor you are an instigator of change. Of new possibilities!


If you haven't heard about the Connecting Kids Symposium yet, let me orientate you to a wonderful event that is about expanding the consciousness of chiropractors into new and exciting levels of collaboration and exploration of health care and health potential.

Connecting Kids Symposium

Melbourne July 22 to 23rd

9.25 FLA Hours

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I have the honour of serving on the board of the College of Chiropractic Paediatrics and have been part of the team that have put together this incredible line up. I have had the opportunity to meet each of our 3 lead speakers over Skype and I am so excited to hear what they have to say and what they will bring on the day. Let me give you a little insight into who each of our lead speakers are and why I thought the research they do will be such a benefit to you in practice.

photo - Robyn Thompson.jpg

 Dr Robyn Thompson, PhD

As a midwife and breastfeeding consultant she has 55 YEARS of experience to draw on. What I loved about Dr Thompson is that she has a massive passion for chiropractic! Her title is Neurosensory Behaviours of Breastfeeding: why cranio-cervical and intra-oral anatomy matters in preventing complications.

I literally had a little shiver when she spoke in our language, praising chiropractors and giving me insights into the amazing results she sees. From painful breastfeeding to NO PAIN and successful feeding in just one session with her. She will blow your socks off if you love working with babies like I do. 

photo - Wayne Warburton.jpeg

Dr Wayne Warburton, PhD

Dr Wayne Warburton is a Senior Lecturer in developmental psychology at Macquarie University. Just read the following abstract... you will see why this presentation will be so important for ALL chiropractors to see and all parents to know.

Children’s brains wire up at a furious rate, and thus powerful influences (like the mass media) can have a lasting impact on the way they think, feel and behave. This means that when it comes to television, movies, video games and music, violent content and amount of exposure are important. 

Imagine walking out of the seminar with the confidence to tell parents (and their children) how it is about video games and excessive exposure. How important it is for the growing pre-adolescent child to have reduced exposure to successfully support that child to enjoy life better, have stronger and more control and to avoid the negative brain training that these games make. Come along and learn from Dr Warburton! He even gets to design his own video games for the experiments!

Richard Chambers.png

Dr Richard Chambers

Dr Richard Chambers is a clinical psychologist and internationally-recognized expert in mindfulness. Not only does he work in public and private companies to support mindfulness, he is one of the co-developers of the Smiling Mind app. Downloaded 1.4 million times!

I LOVE that app. I recommend it to many of my children. Mindfulness continues and will continue to be a very important part of health care and healthy living. With the large amount of distractions, notifications and email pings, concentrating and staying on task will continue to be terribly difficult without the appropriate tools. I personally look forward to learning from Dr Chambers, goodness knows I could do some more work in this area (dont we all?)!

When I had a chat with Dr Chambers, he has such an inspiring calmness about him. He is very busy and we are just so excited to have him come on board as another supporter of our exciting goal of supporting research on chiropractic care. 


So as you can see, the three lead speakers are going to really open your mind to new areas of practice, care management and advice to pass on to families.

Perhaps you'll be inspired to hold a workshop, write a blog or use their information as part of your newsletter. I can assure you that coming along to the seminar will guarantee you a weekend that opens your mind to new possiblities to better re-connect the children you care for in new and wonderful ways.  

See you there!

Well regards, 


Dr Jacey Pryjma


PS. At the symposium I will be presenting on one of my favourite tests the Pull to Sit. I will be breaking down what the test is, what you should be looking for and how it can not only be a central test for initial exams and reexams, but why the test is the perfect TAG test to do on every visit. You will also be hearing from Dr's Kelly Holt, Genevieve Keating, Lorene Dennis on research update, plagiocephaly and working with children with additional needs!

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