Does Your Paperwork Work For You?



Have you wondered what your paperwork needs to start their journey off on the right foot?


Professional, clean and well thought out paperwork can make a huge difference to your practice. Not only does it save time, it helps to start families on the right path with their chiropractic care.

The following points will guide you to have paperwork that gets you results with kids in practice.



  • Paperwork needs to be positive
Set the tone, ensure parents feel understood and start to get to know what chiropractic is all about. It needs to have positive language, about health; not disease and cover all areas of health and stressors.

  • Your paperwork needs to be informative

Your paperwork should be strategically developed to provide the information you want parents to know before they begin care for their child. You want parents to understand why you’re asking about the birthing process etc. as well as answering the questions appropriately.

Providing informative paperwork prepares a parent for what is to come next.

  • Does your paperwork contain the legal requirements?
Your paperwork must follow particular guidelines.
When done correctly, your paperwork will support, rather than hinder you if you had to use it from a legal standpoint.

  • Your paperwork needs to be structured in a way that saves you time.
E.g. Like the paperwork in the Well Kids Program; Initial paperwork, should be thorough enough to give you very clear picture of the health and developmental progress of that child before entering the room. Allowing you to essentially start the exam right away, with very little (further) questioning.

Have you thought about updating your paperwork, have you seen examples in other practices or heard recommendations but never quite got to the bottom of what you needed?
At Well Kids we’ve done all the hard work for you!
If you have any questions surrounding the paperwork needed when working with children, we would love to hear from you.


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