Unlock Your Online Presence With Visual Content

BY Dr Jacey Pryjma /
Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Published in Chiropractic Management Software


Recently I have been sharing some great value practical online tools that can help you in your practice to develop your online presence.

With so many Chiropractic Practices currently utilising social media channels as a vehicle to communicate with their friends, patients and peers, there has been lots to learn as a business owner on how social media has evolved.


The algorithms that social media platforms favour content that is visual.




Because that is what consumers want to tune in to. Visual content is entertaining – even when the content is informative and educational. Visual content is not just useful for social media but can be a powerful addition to your website.


Today I would like to share the illustrative skills of an artist named Guy Downes. You can read more about him here guydownes.com


Who is Guy?


Guy Downes is an independent visual communications consultant whose work helps organisations connect and engage with the audiences that matter to them using a range of techniques such as:


  • Graphic recording (also known as live scribing or visual note taking)
  • Video scribe animations
  • Journey Maps
  • Illustration
  • Cartoons and doodles


How does this help business?


Guy’s visualisation work helps organisations simplify, sharpen and share vital information.


After reading this message I believe that communicating what Chiropractors actually do, in a way that consumers understand, is a critical way forward in attracting families that wouldn’t necessarily see Chiropractic as an obvious or first choice in regard to managing their health and wellbeing.


The holistic way in which Chiropractic approach the health and wellbeing of our patients is unique to our industry.


Have a look at Guy’s website, bookmark it, and consider his services in the future when the opportunity arises.


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